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Musings of a Insane Young Person

A.K.A. P-chan, a lazy, crazy liar with a pen.

Hentai Rampage
17 November 1990
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General Information
Hey, this is Pasha. I'm a Scorpio/Metal Horse born and raised in the Gulf Coast of Texas. My birthday is November 17th 1990. I'm very ambiguous, inside and outside of the net. But prone to baring my soul sometimes in odd moments. I tend to be very hyper and at once very lethargic. I'm very outspoken, but I try to be very careful about what I say. Also VERY emo sometimes. A huge ball of extremes, huh?

Fandoms and Random Crap I <3
Most of Ai Yazawas works Angelspit Axis Powers Hetalia Battle Royale The Boondocks The Color Black Black Lagoon Butterflies Capcom Death Note Dr. Who Emilie Autumn Electronic Music Fanfiction Fetish Models Firefly Gaia Online Non Sexual Guro Junko Mizuno Lady Gaga, Lupe Fiasco MSI Noodles Pocky Paranoia Agent All shades of Purple The Color Red Repo! The Genetic Opera Revolutionary Girl Utena Roleplaying on LJ Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Sega Sour Foods Spicy Foods Stripes Suda 51 Tomatoes Tv Troupes writing Yami No Matsuei Yu Yu Hakusho

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